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Product performance advantages
Current Location :HomePage > Products > Product performance advantages

1. Real-time power feedback control


Laser output power is often due to some reasons, such as the degradation of xenon lamp, laser rod thermal lens effect, the volatility of the mains, the change of water flow and water temperature changes in the factors such as the laser output power fluctuation, real-time power feedback control is to want to output laser power waveform compared with actual output laser power waveform in real time, to correct the size of pump power, the real time system to monitor the output and real time continuously adjust and, in turn, control the output power stability, let the laser output power fluctuations in the range of 3%. Laser output power can be acquired according to the set value accurately, at the same time, the output power and output waveform can be real-time display on the monitor of the control system. In order to maintain stable and good processing condition, reduce bad product ?

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   No energy feedback                                  With energy feedback


2. Arbitrary waveform control

In the welding process of certain artifacts, for some special materials such as copper, aluminum, gold and other materials for its 1064 nm wavelength laser surface reflectance is high, cause the machining process of strength is not enough, the problem such as welding surface is not beautiful; For high carbon materials such as, due to thermal shock processing such as hot crack, cold crack problems. , by changing the laser power output waveform, can greatly improve the welding quality, even some of the traditional laser welding problems can also be resolved through changing the output waveform of the laser power. According to different materials and processes, by arbitrary waveform control, effectively improve the welding effect. Company advanced software control system, can be set up to 20 a turning point of arbitrary waveform as the laser power output ? shape theory


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No arbitrary waveform control               Any waveform control

3. Touch screen or the rich I/O output operations

High brightness 8 "inch" TFT color LCD touch screen, design of friendly interface, easy operation. At the same time my company control box is equipped with special cable connection control box and the host, operators can operate welding machine over a long distance. The rich I/O can be connected to the PC control and external communication, convenience for the customers.



4. Ooptical fiber transmission system

Up to four light path optical fiber transmission, spectroscopic methods including energy spectroscopic and points out the light pattern.

Energy spectroscopic: the main optical path of light at the same time, divided into two, three, four road, when use must be used at the same time. The imbalance between each light within + / - 3%. Points out the light: the external control real-time switch the working condition of four light path. When a work light path, laser by light path transmission to all of the processing station; When light path 2 is working, the light path of a mirror, a laser through light path transmission to all of the processing station.


5. Reliable system

The machine up to 34 kinds of system protection, regardless of the machine is in what state, the control system can real-time monitor and determine whether the whole system work normally; If there is any fault or exception system automatically makes the corresponding protection action, reliable and automatic failure or abnormal records in the man-machine interface of operation, improve the safety of person and machine

6. Coaxial CCD monitoring system (optional, vibrating mirror cannot be used)

Can be equipped with coaxial CCD monitoring systems, coaxial CCD surveillance system can magnify the largest 150 times, at the same time coaxial CCD monitor cross the bull 's-eye and laser welding welding spot center coincide, easy to adjust position during laser processing, improve the precision of positioning accuracy, and improve the processing speed, reduce the operator's fatigue, improve the yield of the product.


7. Most of the core components of imported products,


8. A control laser power gradually fade out the seam welding mode

In the seam welding process can effectively control the laser output power changes gradually fade out, avoid initial point and end point in laser welding formation 0f weld mark, to ensure the welding quality and appearance of the perfect.


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No progressive function                                 A gradual function


Products from 25 w to 500 w laser power, covered with small, medium and high power, welding technological requirements for different products, developed power negative feedback PF series fiber optic transmission laser welding system and the current negative feedback CF series fiber optic transmission laser welding system, basically meet the requirements of precision welding industry.


According to the product processing requirements, choose the following supporting table system


Mirror of vibration welding work platform


Using galvanometer scanning laser, vibrating mirror motor system and the perfect combination of laser welding system, can effectively save the single point welding walking time, welding speed: 1-30 HP/SEC, 3 to 5 times higher than that of traditional electric efficiency of the workbench.



Biaxial welding workbench

PLC or industrial PC control mode.


Robot welding workbench

Six axis linkage, can complete spatial arbitrary trajectory;

Manipulator with optical fiber transmission laser welding machine perfect combination, can meet the needs of a variety of automated production;

Widely used in kitchenware, bathing necessity, doorknobs, and automatic welding of precision parts, metal products.