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Current Location :HomePage > Products
Technical parameters:

Equipment model PFLW-025W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Output power 25W
Biggest amount of pulse 25J
Pulse width
Pulse repetition frequency 1-50Hz
Unit time continuous pulse width (1 second) 50ms/s
Depth of the weld 1.2mm
Spectroscopic methods
Spectral energy spectroscopic or time
A closed-loop feedback control mode Arbitrary waveform real-time control power feedback
Volatility of energy <±3%
Energy spectral irregularity <±3%
Complete system Mirror welding workbench, 2 d or multidimensional welding workbench, manipulator (optional)
Optical output quantity Optical output biggest 4 road
Optical fiber type Japan's mitsubishi G1 / S1
Target localization way Laser diode red indicator (CCD optional)
Cooling way
Enclosed the circulating water cooling
Functional devices
Power requirements

AC220±15% 50/60 Hz