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Optical fiber online flying laser marking machine
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Optical fiber online flying laser marking machine

Model description:
Optical fiber laser marking machine online flight online laser marking machine is mainly used to make the surface of all kinds of product or packaging on-line marking, printing with traditional only to play a stationary object target laser marking machine is different: in the process of printing engraved scale, products on the production line flow, thus greatly improve the production efficiency, make the laser machine to adapt to the demand of industrial production, all the application range covers basic inkjet machine, the laser marking machine is no longer a simple label product date and batch number, because of its unique effect and has the vision and touch never wipe the characteristics of the coating, therefore also has the strong security, prevent the transregional features.

Model features:
1, Marking speed
2, Power is controlled by software, continuously adjustable
3, Carved code permanent shall apply
4, Anti-counterfeiting code automatically generated
5, No material, no wearing parts, free maintenance, low operating cost
6, Static and dynamic online marking, perfect realization adapted different production line


Function characteristics:
1, Perfect dynamic and static marking online. According to different requirements to design all kinds of automatic assembly line conveying mechanism or cooperate with factories in the existing assembly line work directly.
2, Low running cost, consumables, no wearing parts, maintenance free.
3, Flexible laser choice, optional CO2 laser, semiconductor laser, fiber laser, meet customer marking requirements of different materials
4, Engraved effect forever cannot erase, which can effectively prevent the product Agent inter-district or list of goods.
5, Can generate automatic marking software serial number, batch number and the real time clock, automatically generated date and guarantee, etc.).


Application industry:
Used in tobacco, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, liquor, health care products, electronics, CARDS, crafts, building materials, leather and other industries. Applicable materials including paper, plastic, film, foil, wood, glass, PVC, etc.

Business scope of application:
Currently widely used in tobacco industry, biological medicine, wine, food and beverage, health care products, electronic industry, national defense industry.

Application show: