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Eight station laser marking machine
Current Location :HomePage > Products
Eight station laser marking machine
Model description:
Eight detail automatic multi-station laser marking machine rotating laser marking machine adopts the unique design, optical bench X/Z axis manual and convenient mobile clients, to adjust the axis of rotation using the multistep independently rotating on the design, reduce the loading time, improve work efficiency. Based on the mature and stable optical fiber laser marking machine upgrade, which can realize planar marking and marking, widely used in such as lamp holder, valve, flange, bearings and other products surface markers.

Model features:
1. The marking speed, adopting high speed digital scanning head, reduce delay provide marking speed.
2. The marking of high precision, the brand fiber laser, laser beam quality is good, for the basement membrane (TEM00) output.
3. The service life is long, the service life of the laser module > 100000 hours, pump life 500 hours or less traditional end, semiconductor 10000 hours or less.
4. Low energy consumption, laser adopts wind cooling structure design, no consumables, maintenance free, low use cost.
5. Marking is a powerful software that can be compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop software file; Support the PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc., can be directly use SHX, the vera.ttf word stock; Support automatic code, serial number, batch number, date printing and barcode, qr code, automatic jump number, etc.
6. Multi-station automatic feed to reduce workers.

Equipment details:

Exterior structure: