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Optical fiber laser marking machine
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Optical fiber laser marking machine
Technical parameters:

Function characteristics:
1, long service life: fiber laser long life (100000 hours), the beam stability, water cooling is a maintenance free.
2, high beam quality, resolution up to 1 um, is 5 to 10 times of traditional products, mainly used in the depth and precision requirements
The high industry.
3, marking speed: using high speed scanning galvanometer system, speed is quick, is semiconductor laser marking machine 3-5 times
Optical fiber marking machine maintenance,
4, low comprehensive cost: fiber laser electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 30%, is the most efficient laser, also is the lowest cost of energy consumption and comprehensive use of laser.
5, marking a variety of content: can label text, data, batch number, serial number, qr code, bar code, design and real time, and the word is too small.

Application industry:
To tag a variety of metal and various non-metallic is widely used in auto parts, metal products, tools, accessories, electronic components, integrated circuits, craft gifts, food and drug packaging, building materials, medical equipment and other industries.

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