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Hand-held portable laser marking machine
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Hand-held portable laser marking machine
Model description:
Hand-held portable laser marking machine, hand-held laser marking machine and cabinet is convenient, can be used as a common laser marking machine, also can undertake assignments, hand-held laser hand-held laser marking machine for large mechanical parts in any direction of laser marking, solves the problem of existing large parts of a laser mark. Hand-held laser marking machine, good beam quality, high efficiency, long life (the life expectancy thousand hours), free maintenance, small volume, no consumables, air-cooled, low energy consumption, almost no running costs.

Model features:
1. Using pulse fiber laser, the output of up to 25 kw peak power, is close to the diffraction limit 2. Laser all-fiber structure design to ensure the high reliability of laser, without any optical element collimation adjustments.
3. The system integrated design, making it easier for customers to use for various industrial applications provide the ideal solution.
4. Long service life, small volume, without huge water cooling system, simply air cooling. In a certain impact, shock, high temperature or dust, also can work normally under the harsh environment.
5. The processing speed is 2-3 times that of the traditional laser marking machine, excellent beam quality, small light spot, line width is very narrow, is suitable for fine tag.
A ? 6. Especially suitable for the volume

Industry comparison:
Online identification way at present, the vast majority adopt the method of inkjet. The ink jet method has some unavoidable disadvantages:
1. Inkjet content can easily be altered and the wear and tear
2. A huge consumption on ink higher operating costs
3. The high temperature in summer when the inkjet machine easy to jam fault
4. Working environment pollution

Function characteristics:
1, using the integrated structural design, small size, easy to handle. And equipped with adjusting the focal length of auxiliary tool, the operation process of humanization.
2, fully enclosed and maintenance-free laser optical system, does not need to adjust, turn on the juice and computer can be used. In a certain shock, vibration, high temperature or with ash, etc. Also can work normally under the harsh environment
3, stable output power, the light pattern is good, good beam quality, especially suitable for high precision, high speed of marking or engraving.
4, the operation is simple, powerful software, easy to edit.
5, advanced laser technology, free maintenance, the work is of low cost, maintenance and maintenance cost is low.
6, marking a variety of content: can label text, data, batch number, serial number, qr code, bar code, design and real-time.

Application industry:
Optical fiber laser marking machine applicability is wide and is particularly suitable for pipe, container, card board, tray, container, such as mass object or hardware tools, cutting tools, kitchen utensils and appliances, plastic products, computer keyboards, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glass frames, sanitary ware, faucet products such as markers of print.
Mark clear and beautiful, never disappear. Environmental requirement is simple, no need for constant temperature and humidity and water facilities. Supplies at least, to maintain the most Jane. Software function strong, academic works. Small size light weight, small occupied area, can be easily installed on the production line for online marking.

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