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Portable optical fiber laser marking machine
Current Location :HomePage > Products
Portable optical fiber laser marking machine
Model description:
Portable optical fiber laser marking machine using fiber doped with rare earth elements of the research into the optical fiber amplifier brought light technology revolutionary change, due to any amplifier can be fixed by the appropriate development, on the basis of the current development of mixed rare earth elements of the optical fiber laser is mainly used as the gain medium, because of the optical fiber core of fiber laser is very fine, within the pump under the action of the laser optical fiber are high power density, causing the laser working substances of laser level "population inversion", therefore, in the appropriate add positive feedback loop (a cavity) can form the lasing.

Function characteristics:
1, using the integrated structural design, small size, easy to handle. And equipped with adjusting the focal length of auxiliary tool, the operation process of humanization.
2, fully enclosed and maintenance-free laser optical system, does not need to adjust, turn on the juice and computer can be used. In a certain shock, vibration, high temperature or with ash, etc. 

Applicable materials:
Compared with the semiconductor laser, fiber laser is mainly manifested in: the advantages of fiber laser is waveguide structure, strong capacity of pump, with high gain, high conversion efficiency, low threshold, the output beam quality is good, the line width, simple structure, high reliability, easy to implement and fiber coupling.

Application industry:
Hardware tools, precision machinery, electronic components, jewelry, sanitary ware, clocks and watches, glasses, mobile communications, automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other high precision product identification.