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Uv marking machine
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Uv marking machine
Model description:
Uv marking machine using small cooling of all solid state laser transmitting ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser with a new generation of laser diode pumped Slab crystal technology, can produce nearly base transverse mode of high power laser output, is the high beam quality, the base transverse mode short pulse laser output. The use of unique pulse generating technology, which can

1. The white level super clean laboratory encapsulation
2. Output TEM00 basement membrane (M2 < 1.2)
3. Long-term working stability is high, the 24/7 industrial applications
4. Small size, compact structure

Technical parameters:

Function characteristics:
Laser long life (100000 hours), light stability, water cooling is a maintenance free
Good beam quality, small focusing spot, can realize hyperfine tag;
Can absorb ultraviolet laser metal or nonmetal material, and application range is wider;
Marking a variety of content: can label text, data, batch number, serial number, qr code, bar code, design and real time, and the word is too small, the depth is adjustable.

Business scope of application:
The valley of ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used in the semiconductor, electronic appliances shell, auto parts, glass processing, medical equipment and engineering plugging material identification, etc.

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