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Semiconductor laser marking machine
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Semiconductor laser marking machine
Model description:
Semiconductor laser marking machine, semiconductor semiconductor light-emitting diode pumped laser used as the laser crystal energy source (source). With a wavelength of 808 nm semiconductor light-emitting diode pumped Nd: YAG medium, make the medium produces a large number of inversion of particles, in under the action of Q switch form a wavelength of 1064 nm giant pulse laser output, because of the semiconductor laser electro-optical conversion is lamp pumped laser have greatly improved, thus avoiding the owing to the high fever caused by the auxiliary equipment of large volume, the problem such as poor quality of laser beam, the representative of the second generation of laser.

Model features:
1, unique laser cavity design
2, dedicated to assembly line and automatic production
3, laser quality, small spot, energy concentration
4, maintenance-free design, don't need to replace the consumables, trouble-free long working hours
5, red light indicator system, marking operation more convenient
June and new type water-cooling system, small size, good cooling effect

Technical parameters:

Function characteristics:
Imported, acousto-optic crystal diode module, laser speckle is small, tag line is fine
Machinable all metals and some nonmetal, cost-effective
Electro-optic conversion efficiency high, performance is stable, can work continuously 24 hours a day
Three dimensional adjustment of workbench, simple in operation and maintenance

Business scope of application:

Laser marking is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuit (IC) laser marking, electrical appliances, laser marking, mobile communications, laser marking, metal products, laser marking, tools accessories, laser marking, precision instrument laser marking clocks and watches, glasses, laser marking, jewelry accessories, laser marking plastic buttons, auto parts laser marking, laser marking, laser marking building materials, accessories and pharmaceutical packaging marking, PVC tubing laser marking, laser marking of medical equipment and other industries. Can mark metal and various non-metallic, more suitable for application in some finer and higher accuracy required.

Industry exhibition application show: