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A portable optical fiber laser marking machine
Current Location :HomePage > Products
A portable optical fiber laser marking machine
Quick details
Application: Laser Marking/Engraving
Laser Type: Pulsed Fiber Laser
Cooling Mode: Air Cooling
Graphic Format Supported: PLT,DXF,BMP
Certification: CE,RoHS
Dimension: 700*210*650 (mm)
Net Weight: 45KG

Compact ,handy, maintenance free
Excellent beam quality, high efficiency
User-friendly interface, multifunctional
High speed digital scanner, high precision
Qualified integrated units insure reliability of the whole system 

Technical Parameters
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Laser type: Pulsed fiber laser
Laser power: 20W 
Frequency: 20-80KHz 
Beam diameter: 6-8mm
Marking depth: 0.02mm-0.5mm
Min. linear width: 0.01mm
Min. Character: >0.2mm
Repetition accuracy: 0.002mm
Marking range: 110*110mm / 170*170mm 
Marking speed: 0-7000mm/s (adjustable)
Power consumption: 0.7KW
Operating temperature: 0-45 dgree
Ambient humidity: <95%
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Power supply mode: single-phase three-wire system (grounding)

For animal ear tags laser marking/printing, it supports characters, logo, serial numbers, bar code, 2D code and many other options.

Packaging :sea weathy packing..
Delivery :15-20 days
Warranty: 24 months
24/7 online service

1. The use of low cost
2. Laser long life (> 100000 hours)
3. Small volume, maintenance free operation
4. To use the environment request is not high
5. The output beam quality